yellow workshop registration page!!- SAN FRANCISCO

ALRIGHT FAM. WE’RE SO SO STOKED FOR YELLOW WORKSHOP- SAN FRANCISCO Edition!!!!! How registration is going to work: fill out this contact form and upon receiving your email, we will send you an invoice for the 50% deposit ($1,150 for your own bed, $1,125 for a shared bed or floor mattress!) We are sending invoices manually, so they may take a couple minutes to send!

Payments types we accept:

Bank Transfer (free)

Credit Card (3% fee)

You are more than welcome to pay with card, but there will be a 3% service fee. So, when filling out the contact form, select your payment method, push send, and expect an invoice shortly!!! We are sending all invoices out manually so it may take up to 15 minutes to get to you!

We have 4 single bed spots, then the rest are a shared bed or sofa bed spots! (you will be sharing king/queen sized beds if that’s the option you choose!) Once the shared bed spots are taken, they’re gone! We’ll notify you if your bed selection is sold out and you can have the other option!

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please email us at!!!