Couples Posing Guide

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The entire goal of this posing guide is to show you how I get that amazinggggg real emotion from my couples that we all strive for as photographers! I wasn’t always great at bringing out emotion in my clients, but now it’s hands down the NUMBER ONE reason my couples hire me and I’m so so proud of that! I’ve spent so many years perfecting my posing strategies and I’m so excited to finally share them with you!!

How is this different from other posing guides?

My Couples Posing Guide is essentially a mini posing workshop put into a pdf! It isn’t just a running list of a bunch of poses for you to try, it’s an IN DEPTH guide that goes into every single pose I use at shoots, along with posing strategies and methods I’ve learned and developed after YEARS of specializing in shooting couples. My whole goal with this guide isn’t just to give you a list of poses, it’s to TEACH you lasting techniques and explain how I use each pose for every couple! As an educator I believe in laying it ALL out on the table, so I really held nothing back when creating this guide! 

What’s Included?

+ 60+ pages and 30+ unique, movement + action based poses that I use for EVERY. SINGLE. SHOOT. Yep, every single one!! Each pose is explained IN DEPTH in the exact way I explain it to my clients so that you know exactly how to execute each pose!

+ Multiple variations within many of the poses so you can get tons of different results from the same pose!

+ Tips and tricks on how to get the absolute most from your posing, and how to get that reallll emotion we all strive for!

+ Posing strategies I use to cultivate a true and authentic posing experience for my couples!

+ Different smaller prompts I give to all of my couples that you can use within each pose to further the emotion and variety you get from each pose!

+ A running list of all the poses I shared in the guide so that you can screenshot all of the poses easily and take them with you to your shoots!


I’ve truly poured my heart and soul into this guide and I’m so excited for you to get your hands on it!!



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