when you hire me for your wedding, you get ME- not just my camera. no, i don’t just show up, collect my check and leave. i’m with you every step of the way!! need help picking the perfect spot to elope?! i’m in. need someone to tell you how much of a freaking babe you are in your wedding dress before you buy it?! PICK ME. utilize my expertise to help make planning a wedding as easy (and FUN) as possible!

day of: i’ll be there making sure you don’t have lipstick on your teeth before you walk down the aisle, i’ll be there pinning (and re-pinning) your veil, & i’ll be your #1 supporter the whole freakin day!! all of this so that you can focus on what the wedding is really about, which is having a freakin blast and lovin on your best people!!

photography is a huge investment, i get that. but you’re freakin worth it!! so reach out and let’s have a blast on the most magical day of your life!! cause your wedding’s about having FUN, and i’m here to make sure it stays that way!


Olivia Markle’s Pricing
Wedding Collections: start at $6,000
Elopement Collections: start at $3,500
Couple’s Sessions (when booked without a wedding): start at $1500

*discount photo + video packages with my cute husband @robbiefilms.weddings available as well! inquire for full package info!*

I’ve also added the most amazing photographers to my team!! I knew I wanted ppl just as happy/weird as me, anddd someone who is freakin talented and these two are freakin PERFECT for the job! They both love all the outdoorsy, adventurous clients just like me and I’ve trained them to shoot and direct just like me too! I’ll also be editing all of the photos so your photos will have the same style as mine!!

Beba- SoCal Based
Beba’s Pricing 2019:
Wedding Collections: start at $3,500
** I take care of all booking and correspondence for Beba so please reach out using my contact form!! **